Trustworthy HVAC Services in The Triad Area

Let your family or workforce feel comfortable all the time with the right temperature inside your house and office.

When low temperatures kick in The Triad area (Greensboro, High Point, and Burlington), it is essential to be prepared with a good HVAC system.

Low temperatures can even become dangerous to the health of people exposed to it. Also, it is not pleasant having to endure cold temperatures, especially at our own house, and especially not because our HVAC system is in need of repairs.

Because the cold season is just around the corner, and whenever you are faced with any of these situations, Kay Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you by committing to improve the air quality of your living spaces, offering the best products in the market, and delivering high-quality HVAC services, such as repair, maintenance, and installation.

In this way, we will make sure that you feel comfortable and warm at the right temperature when spending time at your house or office.

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Why Regular HVAC Care Matters

Enjoy Quality Indoor Air

Since 1972, Kay Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving The Triad residents.

With our years of experience working in the HVAC industry, we recommend our clients to provide every heating and cooling system with routine maintenance to keep them running and performing at their best.

Without regular servicing, heating, and cooling systems break down faster, waste energy, and cost you more in the long run.

For all these reasons, we offer you with a maintenance plan that we will schedule with you, and in which we will commit to keeping your HVAC system up and running in optimal conditions.

If repair is ever required, all parts replaced are guaranteed for a full two years warranty. Also, unlike other HVAC companies, we charge by the job, not by the hour, which assures you fair prices in all of our services.

Become Part of Our Exclusive Customers

Because we care for our clients, at Kay Heating & Air Conditioning, we have created “The Right Choice Club.” As a member of this Club, you will receive a 15% discount on any repair work (parts and labor) and $50 every year you renew toward the purchase of new equipment.

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