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Our professionals at Kay Heating & Air offer top-notch HVAC services like never seen before. 

Finding the right HVAC services for you can be tough. Each property owner has different needs and wants, and obviously they want the best services in Greensboro to take care of their HVAC system. If you haven’t had any luck on finding an HVAC company or you are wanting to switch up from your current one, Kay Heating and Air is the one for you. 

We have been Greensboro resident’s first pick when it comes to residential and commercial services. Not only that but we have improved the air quality and given maintenance for many houses since 1972. 

We stan proudly behind our work, that’s why we encourage you to know more about us. 


Make The Right Choice For HVAC Services

Our goal is simple. We take care of our HVAC customers. No doubts. 

KAY Heating & Air is committed to meeting the needs of our Greensboro HVAC customers. Because you always have a choice and KAY Heating & Air is the right choice for all your heating and air conditioning repair needs.

We are here for you 24/7 and we count with the best services in Greensboro. Don’t let other companies fool you, Kay Heating & Air is the way to go. Every heating and cooling system needs routine maintenance and services to keep them running and performing at their best. 

When you don’t have the quality that Kay Heating & Air offers, your HVAC system could break down faster, waste energy, and end up being a bigger cost than you expected. 

 Hire our professionals at Kay Heating & Air Conditioning and save up with our maintenance services.

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Our team of professionals at Kay Heating & Air Conditioning brings experience and knowledge to every residential and commercial HVAC project, no matter the size of the project. 

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