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Sometimes enjoying time with your family is watching a movie together in the living room or in the principal room, with the air conditioning on and popcorns. But have you wondered why every time you turn on the air conditioning you or a member of your family end up with a cold? Well, maybe it is because of the indoor air quality at your home.


Kay Heating is a committed company that offers indoor air quality solutions in Greensboro, High Point, and Burlington to protect families from air pollution.

Many families ignore what air pollution is, without realizing is the main cause of constant colds and breathing issues. Air pollution is known as the fact of air with particles and gases such as car emission, some chemicals from factories, dust, pollen, etc.

Air pollution is the reason why your family experiences so many allergies, cold, asthma, fever, and other breathing difficulties. When this happens, it is recommended to look for experts to check out the air quality in your house and make sure you aren’t risking your family’s health.

At Kay Heating and Air, we provide excellent residential heating and air conditioning repair, as well as a wide variety of HVAC installation services.

To ensure your home is a comfort zone for you and each member of your family we recommend you consider UV light for indoor air quality which is an effective way to get rid of bacteria and mold around your air conditioning before it provokes any health issue for circulating in your living space.

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