Working in a large business office can be an amazing experience as it can be a terrible one. What ultimately makes or breaks an office is how comfortable it makes all team members feel. It’s what’s known as a “work environment,” and even if its balance depends a lot on the mere interaction between members, it also comes down to how physically welcoming it is. 

Nowadays, an AC is a must at any office. It prevents workers from feeling fatigued during their shift and ultimately encourages them to reach a higher efficiency level. However, there are many AC options available in the market, and with no knowledge of the field, it can be difficult to identify which one is the perfect choice.

What Are Rooftop AC Units?

Rooftop AC units are packaged systems that tie directly into a building’s ductwork. When working at large offices, rooftop AC units will present a good number of advantages. It’s currently one of the best options available for large offices due to its versatility and manageability. 

  • They Save Space: AC units have cooling and heating components in the same setup. With the space left, you will improve other aspects of the office with no problem.
  • They Are Highly Efficient: Rooftop AC units will free a lot of space for other office improvements and skyrocket the office’s comfort levels and energy efficiency. In their features, they include energy-saving and economizing controls that you can adjust to your specific needs.
  • They Are Easy To Access: You can always add or expand your rooftop AC system. You can distribute the different modules wherever you need them to be placed on the roof based on the cooling and heating requirements the building has and track the energy usage for the temperature settings of each of the modules.
  • They Operate Quietly: To top it off, unlike many other AC units on the market, rooftop AC units will always stay out of earshot, which will provide a more quiet and peaceful environment for all team members to focus on their tasks.

Kay Heating & Air Can Install Them

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