Why Is Water Dripping From My Vents?

The process of installing mounting skin ceiling covered by plastic ventilation cover in under-construction site.

Water leaks can be a pain in the neck when you don’t know anything about air conditioner maintenance. And if you don’t address it right away, it can be way more expensive and leave serious consequences. 


Causes of your AC leaks 

Here are the most common causes of why your HVAC vents leak water.

Distillation drain problems

If your air conditioner has issues with the condensate drain, it’s probably because it is installed on an upper floor or in the attic. Sometimes when systems are installed in these areas, the drip tray can suffer from a water overflow and that water can then travel to the ducts or vents. You can also have water leaks in the condensate drain if the drip tray is with algae, dirt, or minerals.

To solve this problem, take a look at the condenser unit (the outdoor component of your AC) and see if the air pan is overflowing or very full. If so, you’re probably dealing with a clogged condensate drain line. 

Roof or plumbing leaks

If your roof is leaking, or somewhere else in your plumbing above your ductwork, the water loss can travel to your system and out of the AC vents.

To solve this problem, follow the leak to the principal source, and if it’s a roof or plumbing-related leak, we suggest you call the appropriate technician to repair it.

Air leaking

If air is escaping around the AC vents and is not flowing through the grates, it can cause condensation to build up and drip from the AC vents.

To solve this problem, lookup for any vent escaping around the sides of the air vent or anywhere besides the grates.

Even though routine HVAC maintenance will keep your air conditioner working effectively, some complicated issues will require professional assistance. If you don’t know much about this to solve it by yourself, don’t worry! Do not hesitate to call Kay Heating & Air Conditioning, because that’s what we are for, to help you out with your AC maintenance.