Whole House Humidifier Services

You might have thought about what you can do to improve the temperature and air quality at your home. If you want to keep your family comfortable and healthy, you definitely need a humidifier. These systems can work with your actual HVAC. 

If you think your house needs a humidifier, make sure to call Kay Heating & Air Conditioning to recommend the best one for your home.

Types of humidifiers

There are mainly three types of humidifiers. Each one of them has a different operation; we will present you with an overview of these systems.

Bypass Humidifiers

This type of humidifier adds moisture to warm air. The air is taken from the heating air ducts in your house and passes through a water tray, which allows it to pick up humidity and distributed it in your home. Typically, this type of humidifier needs to drain the water supply. Sometimes this is not an option because of the drainage needs. You can use a drain-less system, which reuses its water.

Fan-powered Humidifiers

The main difference between a Fan-powered humidifier and a Bypass humidifier is, given that it uses a fan to distribute humidity it increases water evaporation rate. It can produce a gallon more of moisture per day when compared to a Bypass Humidifier. This type of Humidifiers are energy efficient; the fan inside it consumes the same power as a 25-watt light bulb. Since this operates with a fan, it does not require a bypass duct. This means it is a smaller installation.

Steam Humidifiers

One of the most popular options to increase and maintain your home at a proper humidity level. This system provides the purest form of humidity you can have at your home. They work by boiling water electrically to create steam, which is pushed through your ventilation system. And it keeps doing it regardless of your HVAC condition.

As you can see, several benefits and functions are depending on the humidifier you choose. You may not be sure what is best for your house, but if you are thinking about getting a humidifier, you can trust KAY Heating to give you the best option for your home. Give us a call, and we will visit you shortly.