It’s well-known that the summer months bring substantial surges in energy costs. Half of energy bills, on average, goes towards cooling, and even more so during this time of year. However, cooling down your house doesn’t have to spike your utility bills. There are a few ways to help you stay cool, save energy, and contribute to the environment.

 Only Use Your Air Conditioner When You Need It

If you plan on leaving your house and nobody will be there while you’re gone, you can turn your AC off. You could also consider turning it off during the night, as temperatures drop and less cooling is needed. It’s important to note that during the summer, your thermostat must be set between 78-80 degrees. Raising your thermostat yields savings in cooling costs.

Use Natural Ventilation While You Can

You can eliminate electricity usage completely by opening windows when it cools down outside if you live in a climate that has cool nights and regular breezes. You could maximize natural ventilation by using a fan. Although the fan uses electricity, it will consume a lot less power than your air conditioner. It’ll also help increase the airflow from your open windows.

Block The Sun

Blocking the sun is a great way to keep your home from heating up. Using drapes and blinds to cover your windows will reduce heat and add a decorative touch to your home. Since blinds are not as thick as blackout curtains, some natural light will still be able to shine through, allowing you to save energy on lighting as well.

HVAC Maintenance & Repairs

For an optimally working air conditioner, you need regular maintenance. Did you know that when your unit is not working correctly, it will consume more energy? That’s right: your HVAC system might be a reason for energy bill spikes. Conducting inspections and regular maintenance will keep your filters and ducts clear from anything that could obstruct airflow. This solution will lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption.

Lower Your Energy Costs With Kay Heating & Air Conditioning

At Kay Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide HVAC maintenance and repair services. We can inspect your system to ensure that it’s running and performing at its best. When you don’t service heating and cooling systems regularly, they can break and waste energy. If you want to save energy this summer, call us. We will make sure your air conditioner is not causing energy spikes but reducing costs. 


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