A residential heat pump is beneficial for the comfort of your house. It’s safer, more cost-efficient to run than oil and gas boilers, and it reduces carbon emissions. However, heat pumps may run into malfunctions. These kinds of problems require you to call a reliable contractor. We want a skilled contractor that can easily fix a heat pump problem.

If your heat pump isn’t putting out the heat to keep you warm, it isn’t working correctly. If your heat pump is showing any of these signs, it may need a checkup.

Strange Noises

Heat pumps can make strange noises from your outdoor unit, which means that it has loose parts vibrating, an electrical pump causing a popping sound, a failing motor making a buzzing sound, or a failing valve may be hissing.

Ductwork may also be damaged, which causes a whistling sound from your ducts; the system may be installed incorrectly or maybe an old system that needs to be upgraded. If you hear a clicking sound, your fans, pistons, valve, and more may be damaged.

Unusual Smells

Heat pumps can cause obnoxious smells. You shouldn’t ignore this issue if you keep a decent smell in your house. It can be caused by mold or mildew growing inside your duct or in the system’s evaporator coils.

No Warm Air

If your heat pump is not functioning, then you won’t feel warm air during winter. Your heat pump isn’t blowing warm air because the outside unit is dirty, it has a low refrigerant charge, and the air filter is dirty.

It Can’t Be Powered ON

If your residential heat pump is not turning on then, your circuit breakers have malfunctioned. Another issue could be that your system has thermostat problems. A failing start capacitor may cause issues which means that the circuit breakers are tripped. A broken reversing valve will not blow warm air; once damaged, you have to replace it right away.

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