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HVAC systems make us feel warm in the winter and cool during the summer in Greensboro, NC. With the time of usage, an air conditioner can be under a lot of strain, eventually breaking. It is a great idea to perform routine HVAC support and catch an issue before it has happened to keep this from occurring.

Improve Your HVAC Lifespan

Giving your HVAC unit the proper maintenance will make it operate longer. Considering the thousands of dollars that people spend on installing HVAC units, it makes sense to keep that unit operating perfectly for many years by giving them the proper maintenance.

  1. Problem Areas

The first and essential part of getting your system examined as part of a preventative maintenance program is identifying issues that need repair immediately. Inspections allow you to better know what’s coming and anticipate expenditures. 

  1. Diagnosing the Issue

An HVAC diagnostic test should be part of the regular maintenance performed by a trained and certified professional. This test diagnoses potential problems so you can avoid unwanted costs, and it can help keep your heating and cooling system operating with greater efficiency.

  1. Ductwork Cleaning

Dust, dirt, grime, and other contaminants will get into your ductwork over time. Having your ductwork cleaned regularly is the perfect way to keep good indoor air quality and improves the comfort and health of everyone inside. 

Prevent Costly Repairs

HVAC preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive and potentially catastrophic HVAC collapses. While many HVAC issues require expert hands, some issues can be easily and quickly diagnosed. Here are a few ways to start:

  • Make sure the HVAC system has power
  • Check the thermostat for issues
  • Check all vent for obstructions
  • Check furnaces and AC wires
  • Reset the HVAC System

Getting HVAC services means that all the components will be cleaned, inspected, and working at their best. You will prevent costly energy bills, not to mention expensive, unexpected repair bills.

Reliable Maintenance in Greensboro, NC

Scheduling routine examinations and following through on correcting minor problems will ensure you have an efficient system without the concern of it failing. 

Kay Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to meet the needs of Greensboro HVAC customers. Hire the professionals and schedule an appointment to get your HVAC system working in an optimum way.

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