Even when hiring someone to install your HVAC system, some common mistakes can occur, leading to severe problems and costing you a lot of money later on. As HVAC experts, we always recommend working with a qualified, experienced professional to make sure the installation is done correctly. Read on to learn about these mistakes so you can identify them and avoid them.

3 Common HVAC Installation Mistakes 

Keep these common mistakes into account when getting a new HVAC system installed so you can avoid expensive issues later on.

1. Wrong size furnace

Your installer may want you to get the biggest furnace or air conditioner for your house. Bigger is better, right? Wrong. What you need is a unit appropriate to the size of your home and your needs. Even if you’re just replacing your HVAC system, consider if a smaller size may be best for you. Newer, smaller models actually tend to be more efficient.

2. Poor air distribution

The duct system must be adapted to your furnace or air conditioner capacities to save money. Contractors typically use the old ducts that are already installed. In some cases, these ducts have leaks or are bigger than the unit output capacity, forcing the unit to maintain an excessive airflow to reach the required temperature.

3. Flawed duct installation

Even the contractors that go to the trouble of installing new ducts try to cut costs with low-quality materials and poor handwork. This can lead to gaps in the duct system, causing leakages, which will affect your energy consumption because hot or cold air will be lost. It will also cause noises, excessive dust, and even humidity problems.

Take Care Of Your Money & Your HVAC

As you can see, these mistakes can have severe consequences, and you’ll have to pay again for an efficient system. Prevent these mistakes by calling KAY Heating & Air Conditioning to install your HVAC for you. We only work with licensed contractors and have almost 50 years of experience in the field.


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