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Besides all the health issues that air conditioners bring with them when they don’t have the right maintenance, they also carry other problems related to the air conditioner itself.

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Most of the time that people experience AC problems is because the air filter is dirty, and the majority of homeowners or business owners don’t realize how damaging a dirty air filter can be. We are going to tell you then about the annoying ways this situation can ruin your day.

Break Down Of The AC Unit

If your unit has a clogged air filter, it can affect its functioning in the wrong way. The motor will work harder than it was designed to because of the amount of strain.

Over time, this will break down the unit earlier than it should, and it will cost you pay a new AC unit and installation for a high amount of money.

Decreased Comfort

A clogged air filter suffocates your system, and due to that, it brings less cold air and less comfort for your family or employees. Imagine that the air filter is your lungs, and the dust is your hand clamped over your mouth and nose. You’ll be struggling for air, right? That’s what happens with air filters when they get dirty. 

High Energy Bills

A dirty air filter makes your entire strain harder than it usually does to cool your home or workplace. This means that it’s consuming more electricity than it would with a clean air filter, so higher bills will come over than usual. 

According to the Department of Energy, a clogged filter can cause a 15% increase in energy usage.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A clogged air filter allows the dust and debris to get caught into your air ducts. This dirt will accumulate into the ducts over time, meaning that a good amount will be pushed into your home or workplace, causing chronic allergies and dangerous asthma, along with other breathing problems.

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