Mostly during spring and summer, North Carolina is frequently attacked by thunderstorms. This weather phenomenon usually brings heat and humidity before the storm hits. It is important to know that sometimes thunderstorms bring lighting, which is a risk that is tempted to rely on your AC unit. 

Continue reading to understand better why you shouldn’t run your air conditioner during a thunderstorm and how this goes beyond just affecting your AC and putting your safety at risk. 

How Can My AC Unit Get Damaged 

During a thunderstorm, the AC unit located in your home’s exterior is highly exposed to lightning strikes and power surges. These two factors can cause damage to your AC system. 

Although the chance that a lightning strike hits your AC unit is very low, the power surges caused by lighting can provoke a high spike in voltage that can lead to severe damage if your AC unit is running at the time of the thunderstorm. 

During a power surge, your AC’s control panel is exposed to damage. Still, if the damage is so extensive, you’ll need to get a new unit to replace it. In some cases, your AC unit’s damage is not immediately noticeable until overtime. A great example of this is damage to your compressor or capacitor. 

What To Do Before a Thunderstorm Approach

Turn Off Your AC

Turning off your AC systems is the best way to prevent a power surge from damaging your unit. Lighting can cause high power surges through your electrical system that cause severe damage if your AC is running. Some AC units can be completely not usable after this type of damage. 

Install a Protection System

Installing a protection system in your home is the best way for lighting to reach the ground without damaging your electrical systems and AC unit. These type of protection systems includes:

  • Ground rods
  • Lighting rods
  • Conductors

It is also important for you to consider this a great way to minimize power surges from damaging your electrical systems. However, they are not 100% effective as the first option. 

In Case AC Repairs are Needed: Contact the HVAC Experts

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