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Humidifiers tend to be the number one option for homeowners when adding more comfiness to a specific room or their overall home. Still, the real concern that many don’t quite understand is what a humidifier is and how it works? Well, humidifiers are an electrical appliance that aims to increase humidity to a designated place. 

How Does A Humidifier Work?

Humidifiers are specially designed devices that emit water vapor to increase humidity in the air. The amount of moisture in the atmosphere varies depending on your location, weather, and the season you find yourself in. It is essential to keep in mind that outdoor humidity affects indoor humidity. For instance, you should expect higher humidity during summer and lower humidity during winter. 

The ideal humidity for your home should always be between 30-50%; otherwise, it can cause several problems such as:

  • Dry skin, itchy eyes, and irritated nasal passages, with low humidity. 
  • It can trigger the growth of harmful bacteria, molds, and mites and potentially affect your health, causing allergies or asthma. Symptoms like these happen when you have high levels of humidity. 

Do I Need A Humidifier? 

As previously mentioned, dry skin, itchy eyes, and irritated nasal passages are just a few of the many symptoms homeowners could suffer from. Rising the humidity of a home can help reduce these side effects and provide a more comfortable environment. 

The most effective way to prevent low or high levels of humidity is by continually measuring it. This will help homeowners ensure they have the recommended humidity between 30-50%. 

How to Increment Humidity

Although there are several options to increase humidity, a humidifier is the most effective one. Humidifiers are perfect for overnight use and small rooms. Nevertheless, they can also help with bigger rooms because they include evaporators injected into a heating system. 

Whole House Humidifier Installation with Kay Heating & Air

If you are a homeowner interested in installing a humidifier, we have the solution for you. At Kay Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re a company located in Greensboro specializing in heating and air conditioning services, including repairs, installations, or replacements. 

We can help you with your whole house humidifier installation. Improve your home’s air quality by increasing humidity levels and avoiding potential health problems that may come as a result. With years of experience, we guarantee you a quality service that will bring back the comfort of your home. 


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