What Is The Healthiest Room Temperature For Kids In Spring 

According to multiple studies, scientists have found that room temperature can affect your child’s health, especially while they sleep, which varies with age. For this reason, parents need to know the ideal temperature they have to keep in the house for their children.

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Babies Need Special Attention

Babies are more delicate when it comes to room temperature. They regulate their temperature through their heads, particularly their faces.

It is essential not to overheat the baby’s room temperature because studies have shown that overheated rooms lead to an increase in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). That’s why the best temperature for babies is 60.8-68°F, especially when they are sleeping because it allows them to have a quality rest. Their clothing can also interfere with their body temperature. 

Grown Kids Need Higher Temperatures

Older kids need a room temperature between 64.4°F and 69.98°F. Otherwise, they can feel uncomfortable and will affect their sleep.

The baby’s temperature can be too cool for them, and that’s why we suggest that if you have two kids, a baby, and a 6-year-old kid, for example, they sleep in different rooms so they can have the room temperature they need. 

Factors That Can Interfere

Every person indeed has its body temperature, and it also depends on your sex and age. Still, there are a couple of things that you have to have in mind when regulating the room temperature for your kids. These are:

  • Humidity
  • Home size, layout, and orientation 
  • Home occupancy and time of day
  • Age and health   

If you take into account all these factors, you can find out what’s the ideal room temperature for your kids.

If you want to know more or still have doubts about what is the healthiest room temperature for your kids in spring, you can talk to us, and we’ll help you right away. 

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