Man is holding hand drill in hands. Worker installing the wall vent restoration process repair works renovation in the flat.

Routine maintenance is essential to keep any part of a building running smoothly and working to its fullest potential. Like your roof, garage, or backyard, air vents are no exception to regular cleaning. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, you should clean your air vents regularly — or hire a professional.


How To Clean Air Vents

Air vents are cleaned most efficiently with negative pressure technology. Follow these steps to properly clean your air vents:

  1. First, inspect the ducts; this step allows you to personally see the situation and look at the before and after picture. Likewise, it will help find out about potential problems for a contractor to repair. 
  2. The next step is to create negative pressure for a better cleaning experience. Hook the vacuum to a duct, seal each register and then turn on the vacuum to start cleaning.
  3. Finally, agitate the dust. A professional cleaner will clean each duct one by one and take the necessary amount of time to provide an in-depth cleaning. 

Hiring HVAC technicians with proven background and experience is essential to get your air vents cleaned right the first time. Inexperienced technicians will move quickly from duct to duct, leaving behind still-dusty air vents. Professionals not only take the time to clean each duct properly, but they also use appropriate tools to deliver quality and long lasting results. 

The Importance of Cleaning Air Vents During Winter

It is very important to clean your air vents in winter. Air vents gather outside air and then pump it indoors, so if a vent is dirty and hasn’t been cleaned or maintained, the air quality you are breathing will be low, potentially leading to health risks. We may experience allergies due to dust mites, pet dander, and mold.

When it comes to winter months, vents tend to work harder than usual to keep our offices and homes warm. Cleaning your air vents can help your system work more efficiently, extending its lifespan and lowering your energy costs.

Professionals In Cleaning Air Vents

If you are looking for residential and commercial cleaning air vents services, Kay Heating and Air Conditioning is your perfect solution. Kay Heating and Air Conditioning is a company located in North Carolina that continues to grow as one of the oldest family heating and air conditioning contractors. 

We provide quality and energy-efficient services to help you maintain your property in the best conditions. Prepare your residential air vents and commercial air vents for this upcoming winter by providing proper care and maintenance. 


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