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Installing UV lights inside your HVAC system can ensure cleanliness and sanitation. Many times in HVAC systems, microorganisms build up in the ductwork and can significantly lower your air quality. You might be wondering how effective these UV lights are and whether you need them installed. Let’s look at what they do for your HVAC system.

Will UV Lights Kill Bacteria and Viruses in My System?

Viruses and bacteria in your HVAC system are a health concern. When HVAC systems are contaminated, they contribute to diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, bacterial and viral infections, and pneumonitis. 

Today, you can find UV lights in hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants for germicidal use. These lights have proven to be effective in sterilizing and killing viruses, mold, and bacteria in HVAC systems. Don’t take your health for granted; installing UV lights in your HVAC system can prevent contamination in your home.

How Air Quality Increases In Your Home

If installed properly, UV light will help air quality increase in your home. Professionals with experience in UV light installation must keep conditions in mind when installing the system. Their placement, direction, and the number of lights will determine how effective they are. They must factor in the humidity levels and temperature within the home as well.

Additional Steps to Take to Ensure Cleanliness

UV lights are an effective solution to keeping your HVAC system and ducts clean and sanitized. However, there are a few other steps you can take to prevent problems in your system.

Regular maintenance is critical, as it will make sure your system and lights are working correctly. You also have to keep filters clean and replace them when necessary.

And lastly, hire a professional to seal ductwork correctly. Gaps in ducts allow allergens, bacteria, and more to be pulled in the system. 

UV Lights For Indoor Air Quality: Kay Heating & Air Conditioning

If you are ready to install UV lights to improve your indoor air quality, Kay Heating & Air Conditioning can help with installation and maintenance. Keep your home clean and sanitized. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that no viruses or bacteria are accumulating in your HVAC system.


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