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Thermostats play an essential role in heating and cooling systems. Homeowners need these devices to control their homes’ temperature and ensure it’s set correctly in order to live in a comfortable environment. 

Sometimes houses tend to be too cold or too hot, which, as a result, makes the home an uncomfortable and undesirable place to be. Nevertheless, a thermostat helps you prevent this situation. 

The Ideal Location To Place Your Thermostat 

Homeowners need to understand that when installing a thermostat at home, they cannot be located in any place. For a thermostat to work properly, the place it will be situated on has to be carefully picked for adequate performance. 

Because thermostats read the temperature of surrounding areas, to compare it to the temperature you set in your home, they must have an ideal location. Also, if your home’s temperature doesn’t match the surrounding areas, thermostats automatically adjust the temperature. 

Where NOT to Place A Thermostat

Don’t place it near windows or doors

Both windows and doors are frequently being opened and closed. Therefore the temperature will be affected every time this happens. 

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

The main problem with this is that you risk having wrong readings and a temperature that won’t meet your comfort. 

Don’t place it above the air vents

Placing your thermostat near air vents will also incorrectly read temperature due to exposure to constant cold and the hot air that goes into the room. 

Ideal Locations

Interior Wall

Living rooms are a perfect place to put a thermostat since this is a common area where you and your family may frequently spend time. Ideally, it should be placed in the center of your home for better readability. 

Central Location

Thermostat placement in a central location helps it read the general circulating temperature, which will give the best temperature to your home. 

The Ideal Height

Like the location, height also matters when it comes to installing a thermostat. The perfect height guarantees the ideal temperature for your home. Not too cold nor hot; you will have the ideal balance for your comfort. The ideal height is 52-60 inches above the floor. This height has proven to be the most effective to read a room temperature and for a person to adjust it comfortably. 

Hire Professionals – We Know Better

If you plan on installing a thermostat at home, Kay Heating and Air Conditioning can help you in the process. We are a specialized company that can provide you with the best residential heating and air conditioning services. We know the best place to locate your thermostat at home to offer you the best comfort and exceed your expectations. Let us help you. 


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