Air Vents: All You Need To Know

Having HVAC systems at home can be cool at the beginning when everything is new and working fine. But when the problems show up, it can be a pain in the neck if you don’t know anything about air conditioners. So we’re going to tell you about air vents to start.


What Are Air Vents? 

Air vents are the metal plates found over the holes throughout the home that let the air enter and exit the air ducts. 

When the system starts up, the liquid is pumped through, and the initial air inside the piping is pushed into the air vent. The float stays in the lower part of the air vent, so the valve remains open and discharging air. 

After that, liquid flows into the air vent, and the float rises with the rising liquid closing the valve. That’s how air vents work.

Types Of Vents

There are two types of vents:

Supply And Return Vents 

When it comes to HVAC vents, most people are familiar with supply vents. This term refers to the vents from which conditioned air is distributed through the ductwork. If it releases hot or cold air, it’s a supply vent. And those where the air is drawn into the system to be conditioned, are the return vents, that are larger than supply vents.

Grilles And Registers 

Grilles are the permanent metal that covers the vents, be they return or supply. They are found in ceilings, walls, and floors.

On the other hand, registers are the slatted openings that can be controlled by an adjustable damper. These are usually levers on the side of the vent or rolling lever-type guides that open and close the damper to control the airflow from the supply ducts. To have the system balanced, you don’t have to close them completely. 

Does Closing Vents Help AC?

Some homeowners think that closing the vents will save energy; there are many issues caused by keeping the air vents closed, including the possibility that you might damage the HVAC system. So the answer is no, closing the vents will not help you AC in any way. 

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