Air Conditioners 101

The air conditioner is our best friend at home and works during the hot summer days in Greensboro, but have you ever wondered how your home’s air conditioning system works? 

By understanding how AC works in your home, you’ll be able to ensure good performance, proper maintenance, and avoid expensive repairs. Kay Heating & Air Conditioning is a leading provider of HVAC services in Greensboro. We strive to provide quality services and improve the quality of life and comfort of all Greensboro residents, which is why in this article, we share all the basics you need to know about your home’s air conditioning system. 

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

An air conditioner can cool down the air and change the humidity level to increase the comfort in an enclosed space during hot seasons. 

Your home’s AC uses chemicals that convert gas to liquid and back into gas rapidly to lower the indoor air temperature. Air Conditioning units have three main components:

  1. Condenser
  2. Compressor
  3. Evaporator

Usually, the condenser and compressor are located outside the house, and the part that you see inside is the evaporator. 

How An AC Changes The Temperature 

There are two main types of air conditioning systems found in Greensboro residences, central air conditioning, and split systems.

A centralized air conditioner is part of a central heating and cooling system, which will change the temperature from hot to cold or vice versa, depending on the year’s time and set configuration from a thermostat. 

In an AC split system, the compressor is responsible for condensing and circulating refrigerant, changing it from gas to liquid. The liquid is then sent to the evaporator, where it’s transformed into vapor, and the air is cooled down. The condenser continuously transforms vapor back into a liquid, and the whole process starts all over again until your home reaches the desired temperature. 

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

  • Gas and electric split systems: They’re combining a gas furnace and an electric air conditioning system. A gas and electric split system can cool and heat air. 
  • Air conditioner split system: it’s mainly used for cooling.
  • Ductless mini-splits: as the name suggests, ductless mini splits don’t require air ducts, making them perfect for houses without ductwork.
  • Window air conditioners
  • Wall air conditioners
  • PTAC air conditioners
  • Portable air conditioners

The Best Type of AC For Your Home

The best type of AC for your home will depend on your needs and space. For example, for single people or couples, a portable air conditioner might be enough as it can easily be moved from one room to another without the need for professional installation. 

However, you should consider contacting a professional HVAC company to better advise you on the best type of AC for your home for family homes. Kay Heating & Air Conditioning works with all kinds of air conditioning systems in Greensboro; we can provide you with useful information to make the right choice, as well as maintenance recommendations to expand the lifespan of your AC system.