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Achieve Commercial Indoor Air Quality Your Business Deserves

Whether you need to replace a whole HVAC unit or improve the indoor air quality at your business, Kay Heating and Air Conditioning have the expertise to get the results you are expecting.

Take care of the members of your team and customers by getting commercial indoor air quality solutions. 


At Kay Heating, we believe a safe space starts with a clean environment.

But sometimes even though it may look clean at first glance, some particles or bacteria can provoke health issues to your team and you. These particles are part of what is known as air pollution, which is responsible for health issues like allergies, cold, asthma, fever, and other breathing difficulties.

Indoor air quality is affected by air pollution that develops particles and gases such as car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen, etc. All these elements are the reason why cold is so contagious between your coworkers.

Low Indoor air quality can affect human well-being, health, and even the behavior of your team because a sick employee does not give his 100%. 

Kay Heating will provide fast and effective solutions to keep your business environment clean and free from dangerous particles that can affect your employee’s productivity.

We have over 40 years of commercial experience working with full equipment to provide a highly specialized service. If your business is located in Greensboro, High Point or Burlington we are the solution to improve your indoor air quality. 

Obtain Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The best investment you can make is fixing your air quality system to avoid health issues for you and your team. 

There is no job too big or small for us. Give the protection your team and customers deserve by getting a high-level result with an outstanding performance from our team.

We will work hard to ensure you get indoor air quality long-term solutions.

Our services are worry-free, no matter how big or small is the project, we can handle it.