Are you having problems with your central AC? Here are some quick tips for troubleshooting most common issues.

We’ll teach you common AC problems and solutions, including the steps you need to know to diagnose, identify the issue and ask the right questions to fix AC problems.

#1 Check Your Air Filter

One of the most common central AC problems is that the air filter is clogged or dirty, which results in bad airflow and reduced cooling/heating. Replace your disposable filters at least once a month during peak season and more often if you have pets. If you suffer from allergies, change the filters every 2-3 weeks to keep it clean and fresh for everyone!

#2 Check Your Thermostat Settings

Another common issue with central ACs is incorrect thermostat settings. Make sure your house isn’t too hot or too cold by checking the current temperatures inside and outside your home. Then check to ensure that any heating or cooling you’ve programmed into the unit has been set up properly.

#3 Check The Circuit Breakers

If you hear a strange clicking or buzzing sound coming from the unit, then it could mean that one of the wires is loose or that there’s an electrical problem with your system. Call in a professional to fix any problems with the circuit breakers to fix this problem and avoid a greater issue.

#4 Check Your Outdoor Unit

The most common central AC problems are typically found outside of the unit itself, so check it first. Suppose you notice any leaking water on top of your unit or around any connections/joints or extremely loud or vibrating noises coming from the outdoor unit. In that case, it’s better to call a professional. 

 If this happens, fix it as soon as possible because there’s a good chance your unit will need to have some pieces replaced, and it can cause damage to the whole system if leftover time.

#5 Check Air Vents

Central ACs typically come with multiple air vents throughout the house, so make sure that they’re clean and free of any debris. This is an easy fix that you can do on your own without calling in a professional! 

Make sure nothing interferes with the airflow, such as furniture blocking the vent, don’t accidentally place plants near them, etc., so you avoid central AC problems.

#6 Check The Furnace

If none of these common central AC problems fix the issue, then it’s likely that you have an issue with your furnace. This can be a complex fix that requires a professional, so it should be dealt with by someone experienced in furnace repairs.

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