5 Tips to Avoid Being Ripped Off On Air Conditioning Repair

Stories about being ripped off on air conditioning repair are more common than what you would think. We have been in business, over the last five decades, we’ve seen and heard it all. 

It’s incredible how some air conditioning contractors take advantage of North Carolina residents. For you to avoid scams, we have collected five tips for you to follow whenever you require air conditioning repair or maintenance service.

Tip #1: Get To Know Your AC 

You don’t have to become an expert; however, it’s always advisable that you understand your air conditioning system’s basics: the main parts of the AC, how often it should be cleaned and maintained, when filters should be changed, etc.

Tip #2: Perform Regular Maintenance

The golden rule for long-lasting air conditioners is regular maintenance. And by maintenance, we don’t just mean professional maintenance. You as the owner can clean the air filter and keep your AC exterior area clean and free of tree debris.

Tip #3: Always Ask Detailed Information on What is Being Repaired

Whenever you request an air conditioning repair estimate, ask for detailed information and to see the cause of the problem. Also, once the job is done, request to be given the faulty parts.

Tip #4: Don’t Trust Bargains

One thing is fair prices, and another is prices that are too good to be true. Please don’t believe in bargains when it comes to AC repair. We recommend you get estimates from at least three different companies before you make a decision, especially if your AC requires thorough work.

Tip #5: Investigate The Company You’re Hiring

Investigate the company you’re hiring, check their background, certifications, reviews, and specializations (residential and commercial). Also, ask if they work with the brand of AC you have at home or in your office.

Kay Heating & Air Conditioning Can Help

If you’re located in North Carolina, Kay Heating & Air Conditioning can help with your AC repair. We are one of the oldest contractors in The Triad and one of the most trusted. We’re known for our transparency and fair prices.

We’ll provide you with a walkthrough of why your AC isn’t working and what needs to be done and maintenance recommendations for the future. At Kay Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to improve North Carolina residents’ life through HVAC and indoor air quality solutions.